In order to have a good relationship with you pc and your staff you will do on that , you will need some tools to make a part of the work for you! Some people may think are not required and not indispensable for the day time work.

This maybe be true at the begin but after some time you will got a lot of time adding or editing your start tools.

Depending of what kind of job or use of your computer some tools may not needed but I will tell you what you should use for e better performance. This thing maybe insignificant at the first moment but trust me when I say , are more indispensable than ever those days. No meter what Operating System u will use, this tools are available on Linux, Mac, Windows. I use since 2 year Ubuntu Linux, a free OS very friendly.


First of all every person who work daily with pc has a email. Those days are a lot of company offering this product (Google, Hotmail, Yahoo etc). Allow me to suggest the gmail account for your email.First of all the gmail account has for the time speaking 10G available for every account. Is this the same for the other company? With a gmail account will come a lot of features needed for the daily use. (Chat, Calendar, Doc , google+ , sticker etc),you can customize with the theme you will choose.

Mail applications

Personally use 4 different email address for my daily work, and here come the second tool need for you! A email application that’s easy to set up and customize!
There are a lot of email application open source or to buy such as: Thunderbird , Outlook , Evolution , Pegasus etc. I can suggest Thunderbird. Why?Thunderbird is available in all Operating System (Linux, Mac, Windows) , so if you will change tomorrow the OS you will have the old mail with you. Outlook is a Microsoft production and is not recommended to use on Mac or Linux, of course if u can install on it :). Thunderbird is an open source software, so it is free , no money will cost. You can configure all the email account you want, include also different chat you need. My emails account are all configurable here and every morning when I check the inbox of all mails account. I do not need to open each mail from the browser and to see if have any new mail. Thunderbird will do this for me. You will save a lot of time on this and will avoid a stressful and automatic job.


Dropbox is a file hosting service operated by Dropbox, Inc., that offers cloud storage, file synchronization, and client software. Dropbox allows users to create a special folder on each of their computers, which Dropbox then synchronizes so that it appears to be the same folder (with the same contents) regardless of which computer is used to view it. Files placed in this folder also are accessible through a website and mobile phone applications. If you will use more than one pc do not need to copy paste on usb and than at the other pc, if you lost or damage the usb? Your info will be lost? With dropbox you just need to put the info you need on the dropbox folder and when the other pc will start the file you need will be on the dropbox folder, no usb, faster and safer.

A free account start with 2Gb but referring to the friends you can move to 16Gb max, or if you are a company and you need more space you can buy space. Another options I like most is the folder sharing with other person or creating download link for specific file accessible on Internet of the person you will send this link. A easy way to share big files with other person. You can have a share folder with a friend and another one with the college. The miracle of the cloud :).


Most of peoples have a life of information on their pc, on their hard drive. What if the hard drive has problem and the information get lost? What if you will lose sensitive data? This is a nightmare no one would like to have. For this reason my advice is to backup periodically the information on other hard drive or cd. Better way if you have a log of Gb on your dropbox or other cloud account. There are a lot of on line tools to backup the data you have . For example : Jungle Disk, Amazon S3, Jungle Disk, SugarSync etc. It is a safer way to backup your data.

Usually this is a tool used from the It guy, but u can use it also on a easier way to update the applications on you pc. This is only for windows users, the Linux users do not need to do this kind of update, wee have a better way to update the soft. Also is not for the Mac users because this tool it is free :).On every windows version you have you can easily update the applications. A good way to update all the soft together and with taking a lot of time.