A lot of People around the world use windows system, Is this the right OS for you if you do not use or know the existence of other OS? Can you find a  better one? What if my pc have a personalized system, a system where i can modify everything, a system that is rock solid an faster?

I believe yes, is a better operating system than windows. For my opinion Linux is a better choice. Probably after read the Linux word, the first thing you have in your mind: “It is not for me, i do not know how to use Linux, i am not a It guy”.

Well let me explain a little difference from what you are thinking and what is real. Linux it is a user friendly OS. If know just the basic  information about the pc, for sure you can install and configure you pc with a Linux version, i recommend Ubuntu 12.04 or Linux Mint Maya

Why Linux is better?

–  Linux it is free, open source  (No money for  license, you can download directly from internet)

– It has a free office package, you can install on it LibreOffice or OpenOffice (No money for the office packet)

– Linux is harder to be infected from viruses , no need to use anti virus on the pc (No money for the anti-virus license), of course i am not telling that Linux do not get infected or attacked from hackers or crackers, this thing happens all the time on Linux servers around the World, but since you have are a normal user you have a local pc so you are not dealing with openweb or get attacked every day from hackers. After you have installed Linux at your machines you can enable the firewall (most of the machines have enabled firewall by default) . After this you do not need to worry for viruses  or other bad stuff. I am using Linux since 2010 and till now i have not configured anything on my machines for the security.

– Does Linux crash during work like Windows? Of course, nothing is perfect, but Linux is much more stable than Windows, also if you choose a LTS version (Long Time Support) like Ubuntu 12.04, Ubuntu 14.04, Centos 6 or any other distro you like it is increase the stability of it. What is LTS? Before the package inserted into the Linux Distros they go through a lot of tests, after that they implemented into Linux Version. On LTS version the developers check also during the time how stable they are, so after a period of time they inserted in the Linux version, so double check on every package.

– You can update every thing on your system with just one click and 95% of the applications are free, some extra tools need to buy, this is the author right and the price is very low. For every pc you can find solution from free software on design, audio, video, internet, games etc. If you think you will be limited if you choose Linux, please first try Linux, test it and at the end you will see Windows very ugly thing :).

– Play a lot of games for free. If you are a fun a games, on Linux exists a lot a free games for you, no need to buy them. also you can install Windows games on Linux, of course they are not designed to work 100% on Linux, but from my point of view 90% of Windows game can be played on Linux.

– You do not need tools to maintain the pc on a good performance , happens on windows usually , the stability of Linux it is great. I have installed Linux Ubuntu 12.04 since one year ago and still now i have re installed  Ubuntu 0 times.

– If you use different chat, you do not need to install the applications separately , you can have it all in one. With a single application totally free you can install all the chat account you have without problems.

– On Linux you can have multiple windows as you want, so you can work with different program on different windows for a easier work. On Microsoft Windows this is possible only from software, in the past when I used windows all the time has problem and errors with multi windows application..

– Linux do not need high performance of the pc, normal one are good for a Linux users. You can use your old pc with a better performance and quality . No need to buy the latest pc to have a good performance. Some of my friends and college who have older machines go with Linux and now are happier, a sample example is the Antivirus, since Linux do not require antivirus, the amount of ram used in Windows for antivirus can be used in Linux to make the other processes faster.

– You can personalize your Linux how you want, changing every thing, every part of Linux code it is editable by you, but be careful what you change. Depending of what you are doing a Linux distro is ready for you!  This require a good basic understanding how Linux works, but also you can get a lot of applications  to customize it.

– On Linux do not need to install driver to make the pc work properly. Needed only to update when a new driver version it is available. After installed Linux it is ready to use. Also for the old machine, Linux provide all the drivers for you! So the only thing you need to do is to insert the Linux cd and install it.

– Need a software? Don’t bother, Linux has it for you, with just one click you can install it without searching on Google and buying anything.

– No back doors in your software, no possibility for an hacker to get on your pc. The security of Linux it is great, also NASA switch from Windows Servers to Linux. The Pc on NASA space station it is Linux.

– Checking all this great features you probably are asking yourself: What about the windows software i use on daily work? Linux has solved this problems. You can install Windows software on Linux from Wine software. Wine is a free and open source software application that aims to allow applications designed for Microsoft Windows to run on Unix-like operating systems.

– Since i have installed Linux Ubuntu 12.04 LTS i increase my web developer work and can do more stuff on Ubuntu than Windows. If you need to test it to see how work you can install it on Virtual Box or to download the live cd of every distro. Another solution good for you it is to install dual boot system on your pc. From my point of view with Linux you do not need to pay extra money for the license, no need to pay extra money for security (antivirus).  From my point of view if you will try it will fell in love with Linux.

Try and Enjoy It!